Andy Stangenberg

Andy Stangenberg – World’s Top Reality Coach Booked for APGS 2015


andy-videothumbnailOnly the best make the cut to speak at the 2015 Asia Pacific Golf Summit and the latest world class act to be booked to speak is Andy Stangenberg, founder and president of Q-Principle Inc.

“I am glad to be able to return as a speaker at the Summit which in my books is one of the finest events of its kind anywhere in the world,” re-acted Stangenberg when he was invited to come on board for APGS 2015.

“I tell you what, you guys are true change agents because I believe that the new Town Hall Debate format will make the Summit very engaging, entertaining and highly end-user driven … this is what we need in our industry.” He went on to explain, “It’s all fine to listen to gurus expound on theories but nothing beats a group of operators coming together to share their challenges and their frustrations and to work in collaboration to bring about solutions because this is what events like APGS 2015 should be promoting.”

“I am very excited to be a part of this revolutionary process and I will do my part to help the club industry in Asia show the way towards addressing its challenges and opportunities,” Stangenberg added.

Whenever and wherever Stangenberg speaks, he makes a huge impact and this is how his speaking engagement was received by Michael McCarthy, the president of Addison Reserve Country Club, one of America’s finest clubs who said: “I must tell you that the optimistic energy he created when working with our team persisted long after the workshop was over. He is a powerhouse of a speaker and his message to the employees is both positive and empowering!”

APGS 2015 will be staged in Singapore on October 14-15 at the sprawling award-winning Orchid Country Club.

Stangenberg will be delivering a special address on the topic: “Is A Golf Club About Community Or Golf Or Is It About Both And More?

Given his 27 years of global experience in the operational field of the service industry in six different countries, Stangenberg developed a tremendous understanding of service excellence and the importance of service engagement between associates and guests, members or customers.

Stangenberg is a special performer who transcends all of the known norms and boundaries of public speaking. He is often described as a speaker from “another planet” and this is attributable to the fact that he does not conform to universally accepted standard procedures. “He is an un-boxed thinker and passionate about all aspects of service and its delivery; he is intense when he talks about leadership and performance; and he is committed to identifying and bringing out the best in everyone he touches,” said Mike Sebastian, the chief executive officer of the Asia Pacific Golf Group, the owner and producer of APGS 2015.

Andy connects and engages with his audience in a very interactive and personal manner and this is what sets him apart as a star performer. “I have seen many top speakers in my time but never have I witnessed so much energy, drive and innovative thinking to match the Stangenberg package. This guy will drag you through all the emotions and senses – he will make you laugh, cry and celebrate – all in one sitting. This is the magic of Andy Stangenberg,” is how noted international speaker Gregg Patterson describes Stangenberg.

This is yet another compelling reason why you should set aside everything you are doing and book your seat for APGS 2015. It will be a show-case of cutting-edge thinking and solutions for the club industry and an outstanding networking opportunity to meet and share with like-minded professions from the golf club industry.

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