Andrew Wood


The golf club industry is at a cross-road where it is experiencing numerous challenges. Its target market is younger and multi-generational that demands more from everything. How can golf clubs transform to become more relevant and attract more new members with an exciting package of advantages that they can’t say NO to?

golfclubsmallThere’s a way to bring about this change and it’s called ANDREW WOOD. He is without a doubt the most highly regarded brain when it comes to ideas and marketing in club operations. He possesses an incredible track record of rolling up his sleeves to help clubs stay healthy and vibrant. He is a charismatic motivator who wields a magic wand of change. Andrew will be making a special speaking appearance at the 2015 Asia Pacific Golf Summit scheduled to be held on October 14-15 in Singapore.

For the very first time, Asia will be able to listen to and tap into the marketing and promotional genius of a true legend in golf marketing – Andrew Wood, the golf club industry’s Dr. Panacea!

For more than twenty years, the dynamo that Andrew is, has kept the golf club industry spell-bound with his revolutionary marketing concepts and his ingenuous promotional campaigns designed to keep golf clubs at the leading edge of the club industry.

Now, the guru of club marketing will be landing in Asia to establish his brand of success and to share his revolutionary thoughts and ideas with the club industry in the region.
“We are very fortunate to be able to engage with Andrew Wood who is without a doubt, a titan in his field of expertise and his coming to Asia could not have happened at a better time as clubs in Asia look for new and exciting ways to grow membership, increase revenues and stay competitive,” said Mike Sebastian, managing director of the Asia Pacific Golf Group, the owner and producer of the 2015 Asia Pacific Golf Summit.

“If you really want to learn first-hand how to improve your sales, marketing or business strategy, from someone who has done it in the real world, there is no better choice than listening to me,” declared Andrew. British by birth, he is an accomplished and best-selling author, entrepreneur and a universally declared “Marketing Legend”. “I will electrify you with cutting edge strategies that you can instantly put to work to generate leads and maximize profits,” he promised.

Andrew is ranked as the highest rated speaker at almost every event he has ever addressed. “From multi-day sales and marketing boot camps to inspiring keynotes and workshops, Andrew delivers maximum value to his audience in a dramatic, entertaining and memorable way,” Sebastian revealed.

A professional speaker for over 20 years, he has worked with many of the world’s top companies and association, speaking in over a dozen countries. He is an expert in all areas of sales, marketing, business growth and management with a focus on marketing strategies and creative ideas to attain quick results and the greatest possible return on investment!

Andrew comes to APGS with a very sharp focus – a focus to point the golf club industry in Asia in the right direction. “Nobody can do it the way Andrew does it,” Sebastian emphasized and he went on to add, “I guarantee you that watching and listening to Andrew will be an epiphanic experience!”

A highly respected past speaker at APGS, James Cronk had this to say about Andrew: “Using Andrew Wood’s systematic approach, I’ll blow away my competition.  I hope no one else in my area finds out about Andrew!”

Andrew’s keynote address at APGS 2015 is a must-attend event in Asia for 2015. Make sure you book your seat to be enlightened by one of the great marketing brains of our era.

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