Michael Chaplinsky – Campus on the Greens Speaker

Turf Feeding Systems, Inc.


Mr. Chaplinsky is the founder and president of Turf Feeding Systems, Inc., a Texas based company that is the worldwide leader in fertigation systems for golf, sports fields, landscapes and resorts. Mr Chaplinsky has worked for over twenty-five years with golf course construction and maintenance of all types around the world, and has worked with many of the top designers, construction groups, and equipment companies.  His personal experience with pump station manufacturers and irrigation designers has enabled him to produce the highest quality fertigation systems in the world.
Mr. Chaplinsky’s extensive experience with both the establishment of new golf courses and the maintenance of existing golf courses has produced a knowledge and passion for Sustainable Golf, an Economic Value. This Sustainable Golf Value for the first time brings soil and plant health together to reduce water, fertilizer, chemical, labor and energy use, which both reduces operating costs and improves the quality of the property.
Mr. Chaplinsky is a hands-on practitioner who implements sustainability into golf courses, sports fields, and resorts around the world. He is also an expert in sodium issues, and in 2005 traveled to the Tamil region of India to donate his products and resources to help local farmers recover rice fields damaged by sea water flooding from the devastating tsunami.