Asian Golf Awards 2023 – The Hunt Has Begun!

Posted By: Asia Pacific Golf Group at 30 March 2023 | Written By: Mike Sebastian

The hunt to seek out and recognise the “best amongst the best” in the Asia Pacific golf club industry has begun.


The Asian Golf Awards, the 24th in the annual series is the most respected and coveted recognition event in the region, if not the world.


There will be more than 40 categories open to voters for the 2023 quest and as tradition would have it, the endgame of the on-line poll is to unveil the best-of-breed in the golf club industry.


“The on-line poll is already active as of today (April 1) and it will be open until June 30,” said Alice Ho, Business Manager and project coordinator for the Asian Golf Awards.


“There seems to be tremendous interest in the polls and we feel that this is attributable to the heightened energy in the industry after the end of the global pandemic,” Ho explained and she went on to add, “We expect the past record in polling numbers to be exceed this year.”


Voting for the Asian Golf Awards will only be entertained via the official on-line poll. It is a quantitative polling exercise and it is open to everyone in the golf community – both golfers and the trade. “Like any democratic voting exercise, the Asian Golf Awards poll is based on the number of votes cast with the highest votes received determining the winner in each of the award categories,” Ho pointed out.


According to Ho, golf clubs are encouraged to seek the support of their members and guests to vote for the categories that they qualify for.


It must be noted that every vote cast on-line must be accompanied with the full name and e-mail address of the person who voted. “We have robust computer-based system that will verify the validity of every vote and if the required fields of identity are not completed, the said vote will be marked as invalid,” said Ho.


There will be three winners in each category – gold, silver and bronze which will be accompanied with certificates.


Winners will be notified at the end of July.


Enclosed is the official logo for the Asian Golf Awards 2023 – feel free to use it for any special marketing or promotion programmes that you may intend to launch.


The voting link for the on-line poll is:


The Asian Golf Awards – The Ultimate Measure Of Excellence!


Contact: Alice Ho