Success Is All About Branding!

Posted By: Asia Pacific Golf Group at 1 August 2022 | Written By: Mike Sebastian

When a top executive who has played the lead role in the development and successful launch of two projects amounting to a staggering US$6.7 billion, it goes without saying that he has an excellent grasp of the importance of branding and its impact on the success of a project.


That man is Steven Wolstenholme, President and Chief Executive Officer of Hoi An South Development Limited, the organisation behind the massive US$4 billion Hoiana real estate development, including the Hoiana Resort & Golf in Quang Nam Province, Central Vietnam.


Steve, as he likes to be known is a hospitality and gaming expert who has been in the industry since the 1980’s, he has signed on to speak at the 2022 Asia Pacific Golf Summit to be held at Hoiana Resort & Golf from November 1 – 3.


As a top management executive, Steve believes in branding when it comes to promoting a service or a product. “Our facility is not just about golf, gaming or recreation – what we have to offer is a total experience with every aspect of our operation pulling together to deliver the Hoiana experience.”


The billion-dollar plus integrated resort has an award-winning world class 18-hole golf course, a plush casino, hotels and recreation facilities that come together to deliver a truly special experience to guests.


“We have worked at assembling a range of facilities and services that are absolutely world-class, but we have not lost sight of one of our greatest asset which is our location, nearby Hoi An, a reservoir of tradition and culture of Central Vietnam, recognised as a United Nations Heritage site.”


What is on show is the perfect juxtaposition of the ultra-modern with a colourful heritage of the past. “This is a unique brand that helps set Hoiana apart from other integrated resorts and this is what we want our guests to experience and to take back with them,” Steve said.


Given his immense experience in the hospitality and gaming industry, Steve will share his thoughts on how attention to branding can play a major role in the success of any business in the sports, hospitality or the gaming business.


His address at APGS 2022 will help set the tone at a time when the golf club industry is making a recovery in the post-pandemic era.


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