The Future Comes To APGS 2022!

Posted By: Asia Pacific Golf Group at 22 July 2022 | Written By: Mike Sebastian

We kid you not! The 2022 Asia Pacific Golf Summit will be showcasing an exciting new technology that has evolved from a bunch of really bright guys dabbling with powerful radio telescopes probing deep space to discover the origins of the universe.


From out of their intergalactic adventures popped a dramatic technology that is bringing golf driving range alive! This is a game-changing technology that no golf course operator or driving range operator can afford to miss. It will pump up your business and make your bottom-lines sparkle!


This new technology called Inrange Golf will be premiering at APGS 2022. It will be officially launched at the multi-billion-dollar Hoiana Integrated Golf Resort and Casino in the UN Heritage site of Hoi An in Vietnam on November 1 – 3.


The men who will unveil Inrange Golf are its co-founder and Chief Customer Officer, Nick Longley and Ian Blunt, its Marketing Manager.


While the technology has its roots in deep science, Longley, together with his co-founder S.J. Marais have used the technology to open up the game of golf. With their ingenuity they have made the practice of golf fun again. They have been able to bring a whole new generation of players and to redefine what playing golf actually looks and feels like on a driving range.


Put simply, Inrange Golf transforms a driving range into a facility where a golfer can engage with its technology to practice his game seriously or to simply have fun with friends in a highly social, full-filled and competitive round of golf.


And all this is done without having to invest and build in costly brick and mortar infrastructure. Just make it all happen with what you’ve got!


APGS 2022 will mark the official launch of Inrange Golf in the Asia Pacific region. Like what it has always been known for, APGS leads the search for knowledge in the golf industry and brings the latest and the best to the region, FIRST!


Come and listen to Nick and Ian and start your incredible journey towards transforming your driving ranges into action and fun-filled money-making facilities. The FUTURE IS NOW! Take the plunge!


Watch how Inrange Golf can work for you :


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APGS 2022 – The 14th edition. One Of The Industry’s Best!