TaylorMade’s President Signs On To APGS 2022

Posted By: Asia Pacific Golf Group at 6 July 2022 | Written By: Mike Sebastian

David Abeles, “The Man With The Midas Touch”, President and CEO of the giant TaylorMade Golf Company has signed on to speak at the 2022 Asia Pacific Golf Summit (APGS 2022).


“To secure the commitment from the head of the leading golf equipment brand in the world to speak at APGS 2022 is huge and to have a visionary like David Abeles speak at the event is a massive win for APGS 2022” said Mike Sebastian, CEO of ASIAN GOLF, the owner and producer of the international summit.


Abeles, a long-time career professional at TaylorMade Golf is the executive who was credited to turning around the once ailing company and transforming it into the global powerhouse that it is today.


Abeles has been described as “an unparalleled sales professional whose passion, persistence and customer-centric approach has enabled him to continually deliver results that are far beyond ordinary. His attention to detail and forward-thinking leadership style allows him to manage every business process effectively, and he will not hesitate to roll up his sleeves to help ensure the job is done the best way possible. He treats his customers, colleagues, family and friends with the utmost integrity and respect.”


That’s saying a lot about a man who has an enviable track record in the global business of golf.


“We are indeed delighted to have David as the man who will help set the tone and direction at APGS 2022 and we know that given his immense knowledge about the global state of golf and the enthusiasm that he has for the game, his address will prove to be a game-changer,” Sebastian pointed.


APGS 2022 will be staged on November 1 – 3 at the multi-billion-dollar Hoiana Integrated Resort and Casino in the UN Heritage city of Hoi An in Vietnam.


This will be the 14th staging of the biggest and best summit on the business of golf in the Asia Pacific.


Here’s a peek at David Abeles speaking about golf – watch:




APGS 2022 – The 14th edition. One Of The Industry’s Best!