ASIAN GOLF AWARDS 2022 Set To Roll Out!

Posted By: Asia Pacific Golf Group at 6 July 2022 | Written By: Mike Sebastian

It’s been two long frustrating years – that’s how long it’s been since the prestigious ASIAN GOLF AWARDS was last staged.


The last physical presentation was staged in New Delhi during the 2019 Asia Pacific Golf Summit. The 2020 awards were presented but there was no “live” gala celebrations – the awards were sent out by international courier to all the winners.


This was caused by the global pandemic which resulted in the 2021 awards being cancelled totally.

But the most coveted award in the Asia Pacific for the past 22 years is back!


“This event is the 22nd in the series – that’s how long the Asian Golf Awards has been around,” declared Mike Sebastian, the Publisher of ASIAN GOLF and the owner of the recognition event.


“It has certainly been missed and we hope to make up for last time with a lot of gusto – the recognition event is being staged in Vietnam which is without doubt the most vibrant golf market anywhere in the world,” Sebastian said.


The results of the 2021/22 ASIAN GOLF AWARDS have been finalised and winners will receive official notification within the next two weeks.


There is a total of almost 40 award categories classified under the Gold, Silver and Bronze Award Of Excellence citations.


“Even though the global pandemic was raging on, we received over 70,000 valid votes via the on-line poll,” revealed Alice Ho, coordinator for the awards.


The award presentation will be staged during the 2022 Asia Pacific Golf Summit and the event will be the Gala Awards Banquet. This major international recognition event will be staged at the Hoiana Integrated Resort and Casino in Hoi An, Vietnam on November 3.


“We have had a lot of time to plan for the 2021/22 Asian Golf Awards and I am happy to say that it’s all systems go,” said Angela Sebastian, President of ASIAN GOLF.


To all winners – we hope to see you in person at the awards ceremony when we can all celebrate together.


We’re Back!


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