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Posted By: Asia Pacific Golf Group at 21 July 2022 | Written By: Mike Sebastian

If there was one thing that the recent global pandemic did, it caught many in the golf club industry with their pants down.


Guys, you were not the only ones – industries and business right across the board and right across the world were hammered and what a way it was to learn a lesson!


Now that we are all finding our way back, the 2022 Asia Pacific Golf Summit (APGS 2022) thought it would be timely to revisit the dynamic and exciting world of digital technologies. If anything, the adoption and application of digital technologies are rapidly becoming commonplace in the world of business.


One of the earliest golf industry-specific digital platforms that has been around in Asia is GOLF CITIZEN, a highly versatile online tee-time booking Smart App catering to golf bookings in over 100 clubs across 8 countries and serving over 20000 golfers. Since its inception GOLF CITIZEN has extended its services beyond tee-time bookings to tournament management, golf retail management, golf academy management, handicap management and golf travel booking management.


It has now evolved into a hybrid state where if offers a new modularized version that encompasses all these services as a SAAS (software as a service) for other partners to use while GOLF CITIZEN evolves towards a golf marketplace for tee-times, tournaments, events, golf lessons, golf packages and much more. It is headed up by a top-flight team made up of club management and F&B stalwarts – Stacey Walton, Stuart Daly and Richard Adrian Mehr, operating together as GLS Asia.


As a SAAS, this high-powered team of best of breed professionals will be hosting the different services as a subscription-based application available to end customers over the cloud.

This service will be unveiled at the 2022 Asia Pacific Golf Summit (APGS 2022) to be staged at the multi-billion-dollar Hoiana Integrated Golf Resort and Casino in the fabled UN Heritage city of Hoi An, Vietnam on November 1 – 3.


“This is a dynamic new approach where we will take on the role of a promoter of golf related partners rather than a competitor. We anticipate this new model to disrupt and scale up the market not just for us but also our partners,” revealed Walton.


Besides all the new bells and whistles, the team will also be unveiling a new dining out or ordering in Smart App – called AFRA, the app strives to get food delivered, arrange pick-ups at the restaurant or experience a contactless dining from the comfort of one’s fingertips.


“The AFRA app is versatile and allows you to find and explore popular restaurants in your vicinity and to make reservations or order food in. An easy-to-use menu allows you to search for specific dishes too DINE Walk into a restaurant with the AFRA app and the app becomes your waiter. Not only does the app show you the menu, but it also lets you place your order intuitively and even pay for your check, all contactless SHARE Great Food and Experiences need to be shared and the AFRA app allows you to do that conveniently, with your friends and family,” declared Mehr, the F&B guru.


In nutshell, the revitalised GOLF CITIZEN is the perfect business digital partner for all golf clubs wanting to make a transition to the DIGITAL AGE.


Walton, Daly and Mehr will be on hand at APGS 2022 and will be happy to discuss and sign your club up with what is going to become the single most important MARKETPLACE for golf clubs in Asia. Book an appointment with the trio at: info@gls.asia


Delegate registration is now open at: https://registration.asiapacificgolfsummit.com/event/asia-pacific-golf-summit-2022


APGS 2022 – The 14th edition. One Of The Industry’s Best!