APGS 2022 – Set To Get Golf Back On Track!

Posted By: Asia Pacific Golf Group at 10 June 2022 | Written By: Mike Sebastian

Work on the staging of the 2022 edition of the Asia Pacific Golf Summit (APGS 2022) is rolling down the tracks and everything points to a strong come-back for what has always been described as one of the best international summits on the business of golf.


Leading the thrust forward is Mike Sebastian, owner and producer of APGS 2022.


“We have been on the ready to stage this annual event in 2020 and 2021 but for reasons already known to the industry, we had to jam our feet on the breaks and to halt the show indefinitely,” Sebastian explained. “But that is all on the back-burner now and we are gradually shifting our motor into top gear and getting primed and ready to blast off to stage a fantastic event!” he added.


APGS 2022 has been confirmed to be staged in Vietnam which is now proving to be the most dynamic growth market for golf in the world. “There’s a whole bunch of golf courses that are in various stages of construction and development in that country and this sets a very positive mood for the golf industry,” Sebastian explained.


“We need a super positive setting to help pick up our industry which has been delivered nothing but body blows for over two years and APGS 2022 is perfectly poised to get the industry’s engine firing again on all cylinders.”


The final dates for the staging of APGS 2022 will be announced within the next few weeks together with the venue.


The focus of APGS 2022 will be on new management, business and agronomy trends in a post pandemic environment.


“All golf course owners, operators and general managers should make it a point to attend APGS 2022 as it will help bring everyone up to speed on how to help pick up the pieces and get back on the growth path.”


“In conjunction with APGS 2022, we will be staging the 2021/2022 Asian Golf Awards which also suffered the same fate of cancellation due to the pandemic,” added Sebastian.